Democrats have had 50 years to write Roe into law.
We won't vote for them in the midterms if they fail to go ALL OUT to codify Roe.

WE PLEDGE not to vote for Democratic Party politicians if they fail to go ALL OUT to codify and defend Roe v Wade. Instead, we will commit to build a left alternative. This left alternative must be rooted in and accountable to social movements, and committed to running independent candidates who will fight unapologetically for working people and against oppression.

The Democrats have had 50 years to write Roe v Wade into law. Each of the past three Democratic presidents, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, have – at the start of their presidency – had full control of the White House and Congress and a clear path to guarantee free, safe, and legal abortions.

In each of these instances they’ve proven unwilling, unable, and uninterested in delivering. Every election cycle the Democratic leadership warns that if we don’t vote for them, we could lose our right to choose. But here we are – with a Democrat in the White House and democratic majorities in the House of Representatives and Senate – and we are losing our right to choose.

It’s time that working class people across the country take a stand against the long string of broken Democratic promises.

It’s becoming clearer to more and more people that the Democratic Party is a party of big business - that we cannot vote for - and that we need a new party for workers and youth. Every time the Democrats make a big promise, they find someone to blame for why they can’t deliver – Republicans, Senate Parliamentarian, Joe Manchin. It’s not too late, the final decision has not been issued, and history has shown that mass protests, occupations, walkouts, and strike action can make even the most reactionary forces stand down. No more excuses, no more empty promises!

Supported by:
  • Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Councilmember
  • Chris Hedges, journalist
  • Byron Sigcho-Lopez, Chicago Alderman
  • Robin Wonsley-Worlobah, Minneapolis City Councilmember
Petition initiated by Socialist Alternative